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Crystal Blue - Odor Control and Waste Digestor

100% Biological Holding Tank Treatment in Dry Form. Our unique pellets are Certified Environmentally Safe. Combines both black and grey water treatments into

one easy to use dry formula. Stops odours, digests waste, lubricates valves and is easy to store. No liquid to spill. Great for switching to a non-formalehyde treatment program. Crystal Blue will neutralize residual formaldehyde in your tank. Gets up to 15 treatments per jar. Economical and easy to use.






Did you know that Crystal Blue will neutralize and remove toxic formaldehyde and many other types of toxic and corrosive holding tank product residues?

Simply start using Crystal Blue to clean up your RV environment and keep your holding tanks odour free and safe too!

Crystal Blue is the finest dry organic and biological treatment available. It is certified by Environment Canadato  be"Environmentally Safe".


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