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Blow-down is a Money $aver!

Some engineers are conservative in blowing down their boilers, mostly in a effort to save chemicals and BTU’s. If taken to the extreme, low blow-down can cause scaling to take place and drive fuel consumption through the roof. All the savings of low blow-down are wasted on higher fuel bills, de-scaling and even tube replacements.

So, don’t be afraid of wasting a little chemical when you might waste a lot on $$ on repairs. Blow-down is a money saver!!!!

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Westchem offers products and services critical to the water-based operations of nearly every commercial, residential and industrial sector.


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Westchem Mfg. Ltd. established in 1983, is the leader in high performance terpolymer technologies for use in industrial water treatment. Westchem delivers outstanding value to our customers by constantly improving product performance and extending equipment life through professionally managed products and services. Westchem’s many product lines service businesses in many areas such as Boiler, Cooling Towers and Waste Water facilities. Our products are CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) approved for use in food production plants.

Our Specialty Products division is continuously developing new and exciting products based on our customers specific needs.

Our RV Products division has been awarded the Eco-Logo certification from Environment Canada for performance and environmental safety.

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For over 40 years, Westchem has continued to advance the water treatment industry through innovative products and experienced technicians. Westchem’s water treatment department specializes in hydronic HVAC systems including boilers, chillers, heat pumps and cooling towers. The Energy Efficiency department improves HVAC efficiency, reducing building energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

If leaks are suspected, installation of an inexpensive totalizing water meter in the make-up line will provide early detection. Regular testing of the water can also detect leaks.

EndoTherm reduces the surface tension of system water by 60% which increases heat transfer. The
increase heat transfer improves system efficiency.

The fluid in a closed system usually contains a suspension of fine, abrasive particles which are harmful to equipment (i.e. pump seals), and leads to unscheduled shutdowns and increased maintenance. There are various sources of these particles, mostly resulting from corrosion. Side stream filtration and scheduled filter changes are necessary to minimize the risk of damage.