Industrial Water Treatment

Serving Industry in British Columbia since 1983 our “Superior Quality and Service” has become our well known standard.  Extensive experience and working with clients to solve tough problems effectively is our formula for success. Using only the very latest in “Terpolymer” technology, our boiler and cooling tower programs ensure maximum protection at a reasonable cost.  Low pollution output and minimal chemical input insures our customers one more step towards complete environmental responsibility. Our labs will custom design a treatment program for your plant. Working closely with the customer and our specialists, Westchem provides programs with your needs in mind. Our premium treatments protect the following:
  • Steam Boilers
  • Condensate Lines
  • Hot Water Boilers
  • Chilled Loop Systems
  • Cooling Towers

Specialized Services and Parts

Ask us about our professional boiler descaling services. Make sure your steam boiler is ready for inspection. Our service crew will descale your steam boiler and bring back effeciency. Scale buildup can cause 20 to 70 percent increase in monthly energy bills. Call Westchem now for a quote.

Westchem is your authorized Topog-E Boiler gasket supplier, stocking all sizes of Steam and Hot Water boiler gaskets for your needs.  We also custom cut most Boiler Gauge glass using only Red-Line glass.

New Product Development

On-Line Scale Removers “Clean your boilers without Shut-Down!”  Westchem has developed the industries safest and most effective method of descaling boilers without shutting down your plant. Keep running and remove scale from tubes at the same time.  Westchem “ON-LINE ” is totally safe on all metals and is the best way to keep production running.


Tip Of The Month

Blow-down is a Money $aver!

Some engineers are conservative in blowing down their boilers, mostly in a effort to save chemicals and BTU’s.  If taken to the extreme, low blow-down can cause scaling to take place and drive fuel consumption through the roof. All the savings of low blow-down are wasted on higher fuel bills, de-scaling and even tube replacements.

So, don’t be afraid of wasting a little chemical when you might waste a lot on $$ on repairs.  Blow-down is a money saver!!!!