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Introducing "Flow Thru," the revolutionary urinal cleaning solution designed to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of urinals in public or private facilities. Designed with the modern restroom in mind, Flow Thru offers a unique and effective cleaning process that enhances the performance and appearance of your urinals. Features & Benefits: Powerful Formula: Flow Thru's concentrated cleaning agents effortlessly dissolve stubborn stains, mineral deposits, and odors, leaving urinals sparkling clean and fresh. Easy to Use: With its simple application process, Flow Thru ensures quick cleaning without any hassle. Just apply, wait, and rinse for a flawless finish! Environmentally Friendly: Crafted with eco-conscious consumers in mind, Flow Thru is biodegradable and free from harmful chemicals. It's safe for plumbing systems and the planet. Enhanced Fragrance Technology: The infused fresh scent neutralizes unpleasant odors and leaves restrooms smelling clean and inviting. Versatility: Ideal for use in various commercial and residential settings, Flow Thru is suitable for all types of urinals, including waterless models. Cost-Effective: With its economical concentrated formula, Flow Thru offers more cleaning per bottle, making it a budget-friendly option for maintaining restroom hygiene.


Bio-Power Block

A concentrated, slow dissolving bacterial degreaser for lift stations and large grease traps. Westchem's newest lift station maintainance produict is designed for the prevention of grease build-up on float controls, piping, walls and ladders. When applied to a clean lift station, Bio-Power Block will slowly release powerful grease and oil digesting bacteria which eats away at greasey deposts. Bio-Power Block contains 5 kg of municipal grade bacterial cultures in a slow release form.  Safe to use and highly effective.  This unique product exceeds all of today's high environmental standards for safety and effectiveness. Simple to use and safe for workers too. Reduce costs and improve flow. Make Bio-Power Block part of your lift station/grease trap program today!


A/C Tabs - Enzymatic Drain Pan Tablets

Air Conditioner condensate pan tablets. Safe and east to use. Controls algae and odors in condensate trays. Keeps pan drains working.  Ideal for the HVAC technician to use during regular maintenance. Simply place in drain pan farthest from the drain and let A/C Tabs do the work. Contains natural enzymes for effective cleaning and safety.  No chemicals and it's fragrance free too!  Safe for office environments and other areas where clean air quality is demanded. Each tab works for up to 3 months.  Start your A/C season with A/C Tabs. Packaged in easy to use tubes of 24 tabs.  Six tubes per Box.


Mill-Solve - Saw Blade Cleaner

Westchem's newest industrial product dramatically reduces down-time and costly clean-up. With Mill-Solv's deep penetrating action, pitch build-up is safely and quickly removed from machinery and saw blades in minutes or less! Mill-Solv will also remove grease, oils, carbon and dirt. Just apply to the surface, allow it to work and wipe clean.  It's that easy! Look what Mill-Solv can do for you!  Available in 210 Liter and 20 Liter containers.

Grease Emulsifier
Municipal Lift Station Formula

DIRECTIONS: Read MSDS before using product

  • Add ENVIRO-LS directly to lift station at a rate of a 4 liters for each square meter of surface area to break up solid grease build-up.
  • When liquefied grease builds up to a thickness of 8 – 12 cm, hose system clean with a hose and re-add ENVIRO-LS.
  • For heavy build-ups, increase initial dose to 6-8 liters per square meter of surface area